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It wasn’t me

Apr 19th 2010

As you may or may not remember, a few weeks ago I was talking about a «new project». This post is my first attempt at something—almost—completely new: drawing a comic.

As this is a first-timer, I know there are quite a few things that need to be re-worked, but I prefer to just post it as-it-is and wait for your comments. By the way, I got none from the «Not found» page, so I suppose you just didn’t find it. Whatever.

Here goes the story, heard from a CSer in Montevideo ((I am afraid that if I don’t write the full story the comic itself would be hardly intelligible!)).

A girl called for pizza delivery, and when the guy showed up she realised she only had a 500 pesos note. She left the money on the table, under her telephone, and went to her room to get some change. On her way back, she paid the guy and walked him downstairs to unlock the door for him. Once back to the flat, she looked for the telephone and found it missing, along with the 500 pesos! She immediately walked to the pizzeria to intercept the delivery guy on his next trip.

The guy appears, and a surreal conversation takes place:

—You stole me!

—No, I didn’t!

—Come on! I used the phone to call you, and after you left it is not there any more.

—I didn’t steal you.

—Whatever. At least give me back the sim-card.

—I don’t have your phone.

And so on, until the girl, exhausted, gave up and went back home.

The part I liked most of this story is that the girl is still going to the same pizzeria, they still have the same delivery guy, and she greets him normally like all of the other workers, as nothing ever happened. :-)

OK, no more words, I know you all like to just look at the pictures!

Comic strip

It wasn't me

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  1. karina says:

    io penso che is molto bello e oro, tu racconto comico, ma potuto migliorato.
    lo che raccomandarfe is laborare molto in l´ disegnos d´ animatore,cme io ho che practicare italiano jaja jiija.
    il contenuto di tu raconto comico is reale per is buono.
    buon fortuna con tu nuova faccetta

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