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Rosario invasion

Apr 7th 2010

Long long time ago, while visiting La Plata, I was asked to join the local grupete ((The local CS Posse)) in the planned trip to Rosario, a few hundred kilometres to the north. As usual I said I don’t know where I will be tomorrow, let alone in six weeks!

It turned out that my two weeks between Córdoba and la Sierra were just enough to arrive in Rosario the same day of my friends from La Plata. That was an awesome experience: there was a few people I couldn’t meet back there, and they greeted me with something like You must be Piergi, I heard a lot about you! They were smiling, thus I assumed they heard not-so-bad thing about me :-D

Well, these days were based on beer, mate and asado (how couldn’t it be so?) and lots of walking under the rain — OK, a little walking, but you all know I don’t like rain! I met a whole bunch of beautiful people from Rosario, and I made a few new friends. The other thing I discovered is that the city itself is beautiful: laying along the river, with a lots of parks and an overall buena onda ((Good vibe)).

Thanks to my great host ((Gracias, Clari!)) I — eventually — got to know a few aspects of the Argentinian folklore: we went to a Milonga where the tango dancers were dressed absolutely casual (i.e. wearing Ramones t-shirt or military trousers) and the only important thing was dancing, not being watched dancing. This includes men dancing together to practice some step, that for me was a first-timer ((Although I learnt later that the Tango itself was born in the brothels of Buenos Aires and Montevideo with men dancing together before going with the girls. Then it made it to the upper class and evolved in what we know now)).

Next we went to another place, where a live band was playing Chacarera and Zamba, and the public was dancing and singing along. Of course I have now in my little baby the corresponding music to listen to ;-)

I am now in a bar waiting for my next bus, but as always I am thinking on you my dear readers, and I am posting this long-waited article! Photos of the event here.

Stay tuned for more boludeces. :-)

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3 Responses

  1. a-l-e says:

    (hai tolto ogni sfumatura di colore dal sito…)

    …ehi!!! ma cos’è tutto ‘sto grigiume?!?
    questo sito è troooppo elegante…!!!
    (eheheh… sembra quasi ti stia tornando la voglia di lavorare :-D )

    “hasta l’asado siempre”!!!

    • pt says:

      Ho tolto il colore da quello che non è foto.

      E se ti sembra troppo elegante, aspetta di vedere il prossimo . . . e a proposito, senti chi parla: e questo cos’è, colorato? Ha ha ha LOL!

      E grazie per le ultime notizie: proletar1 d1 tutto 1l mondo, un1tev1! :-D

  2. Clari says:

    Buenas! Qué lindo artículo, Piergi! Me alegra mucho que te haya gustado Rosario… Fue un placer ayudarte a conocer mi ciudad… Hasta la próxima!
    Un abrazo

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