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Under the spell of Montevideo

Feb 23rd 2010

There I am. I went to Montevideo for a couple of days and the two days suddenly turned into twenty! What can I say? This place is obviously magical, so relaxing and beautiful, with a strong and lively CS community. Add to this that the carnival is just starting and you have the full picture.

It went pretty much like this:

—When are you leaving?
—But tomorrow night we have the inaugural parade of the carnival ((Kurt posted much better photos of the carnival here.))!

—When are you leaving?
—But tomorrow night we have the Yemanjá celebration! You can’t miss it!

—When are you leaving?
—But the night after tomorrow we have the llamadas: it is the most important carnival event! You can’t miss it!

—When are you leaving?
—But tomorrow we have <put here whatever carnival or CS event you can think of>! You really can’t miss it!


The good part is that I am really happy of the whole situation: most of the city is in walking distance, the sea is there — although for the nicest beaches you would take a bus — people are amazing and the food is great. Yes, prices are so-so, but I still can handle it :-)

It was a nice opportunity to check out my new camera, and I did it under different conditions: sunset, moving subjects in almost no light (3200 ISO), bonfire lit, behind a full rain-sheet, long shutter plus fast moving subject plus flash and so on. So far so good.




Among all the carnival events it also happened to be my birthday! As you already know, I had the privilege of being treated to a surprise party with two cakes (plus a virtual one from Italy).

After all that, I eventually made it to the bus station, and bought a ticket to Punta Del Este, where I was supposed to enjoy the beaches and the minimalist architecture. Well, it only took me a few hours to be back to Montevideo. I spent four more days here, mostly working on my new project. After meeting a few major exponents of the La Plata community, the new destination was easily chosen: the Da Vinci inspired capital of the Buenos Aires province was waiting for me!

Coming soon!


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7 Responses

  1. Merchu says:

    Hey! Nice blog, nice post.
    And welcome to La Plata darling :)


  2. Ally says:

    are we getting closer to the “right place” to live?

  3. Olga says:

    does this means you gonna stick around in BA for a little while?
    i hope to visit that city before retuning to Europe in June :)

  4. Gigio says:

    Che figata!
    E che fighe!

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