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Oct 23rd 2008

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This is me

This is me (just before leaving)

This is me. Yet another guy who wants to do a trip around the world. In these days of relative wealth and cheap airlines is not really something extraordinary. It is extraordinary for me.

After a few years of being unhappy with my work, my relationships, and my country—I really would love it, if only we could do one step towards being a serious country, but it seems instead that the trend is going on the opposite direction (see the last few legislatures).

I started posing myself a few questions. What is the point of having a well paid job if I don’t have the time to spend the money I earn? What is the point of being unhappy five days over seven? Am I living my life or am I simply following the expectations of other people? And that people surrounding me is generally stressed and unhappy as well. Is it really this one the only kind of life possible? Oh, and by the way: I will turn forty years old next year. It is time to look back.

The bottom line is: I don’t like my job, I have no spouse or children, I don’t like the way my country is going. So why on Earth am I staying here?

It took me around six months to decide to leave, and another three–four for actually do it. The plan is simple enough: I am doing a trip around the world looking for a serious country to live in, and then I will look for a job that I actually like. Not the dream job, but one that is not bad. They will probably pay me less than now, but I will be happy. And that is priceless. I left my job, I passed my rented flat to my brother—who happened to be in search of a new place in that same period: this saved me a big headache—I stopped my car insurance and started a sanitary one. That’s it! :-)

This is the plan, but I have many months—or years—in front of me, and lots of things can happen. Maybe I will be back to Italy before the end of the year, who knows? But at least I am trying. And this was the best decision I took in my life.

The best so far.

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  1. Eugenia says:

    E’ veramente emozionante leggere, nella presentazione di questo blog, le cose che il mio ragazzo ed io ci diciamo da un po’ di tempo e che stiamo cercando di fare..anche se in modo un po’ differente. Un sorriso dal Brasile

  2. a-l-e says:

    “…gli architetti sono qua
    hanno in mano la città!!!…”

    yeee!!! il ritorno di ArchiTrave!!!… ;-)

    • pt says:

      … divertente e criminale
      la tua scala di sapone
      questo è il duezerounouno …

      • L'Anonima says:

        Dammi l’indirizzo, che ti mando il c.v.!:-)
        Ciao archi-Pier! A quanto pare inizi un nuovo “viaggio”: beh, in bocca al lupo!!:-)
        E tieni aggiornati i tuoi fedeli lettori..;-)

  3. L'Anonima - reparto anziani says:

    Areo, e con quello di ieri fanno 42!!:-)
    Auguri vecio!:-)

    Uno degli Anonimi superstiti.

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