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Mar 7th 2010

Skipping Buenos Aires, from Montevideo I directly went to La Plata. After meeting in Uruguay a couple of the eminent La Plata CSers, I could do all but pay a visit that city. And, as often applies to me, the planned couple of days were eventually ten days!

The city is very special, is completely planned and instead of street names has street numbers, so you meet your friends at the corner of 7 and 51 and so on. Obviously, the real attractive of the place is the local CS community: they even made a welcome committee the day I arrived :-)

The original plan was going from LP to Mar del Plata (beach) and back, but a series of storms made me change my mind, and heading north again.

But how could I leave beautiful LP without a farewell night? It went like that: dinner at Hernan’s place, then playing card (tentatively, at least) at Merchu’s, then back at Marina’s for one (1!) hour sleep in three on the couch, then bus at 7:30 AM to Buenos Aires, spending the day (tentatively) sleeping on the couch of a hostel where I was not checked in and walking every single street of the city centre to change my last Australian and Kiwi dollars, then night bus to Mendoza. You’ll sleep when you’ll be dead!

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  1. Ally says:

    how is it going in Chile?

    • pt says:

      It is more or less OK. Here (Santiago) the situation is under control, and the aids are going south.

      With the Student Federation and the CSers we collected a good deal of donations.

  2. Merchu says:

    Piergi sabés que sos siempre bienvenido en La Plata o donde sea que yo esté!
    Espero que el viaje y sobre todo vos andes bien :)

    Besos y abrazos a montones!

  3. […] long time ago, while visiting La Plata, I was asked to join the local grupete[1] in the planned trip to Rosario, a few hundred kilometres […]

    • pt says:

      I don’t know what exactly happened, this is a «pingback» generated by my own link to this post from the post that is still not published.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

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