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Mate, anyone?

Feb 9th 2010

Uruguay is the land of the mate (although they can’t grow the yerba by themselves and they import it from neighbouring countries). In a ten minutes walk in the streets of Montevideo you will see that roughly one over five people walks hugging a Thermos and a mate, or sports a matera, a bag expressly made for bringing along both items plus the yerba (see photo).

For the sake of science, your beloved went deeper into this tradition — in Uruguay almost a religion — and I asked Ale to show to my readers the proper way to prepare a mate!

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  1. Ally says:

    In Peru’ people drink “Mate de coca”, is this the same thing?

  2. Enrico says:

    ma xeo bon?

  3. Ally says:

    P, the map doesn’t work

    • pt says:

      Like you click and nothing happens? Or what? Do you see the tooltip with the name of the country?

      When you hover a country the cursor should change to a hand and you should see the link on the status bar.

      What operating system and browser are you using?
      Here with Windows+Firefox it works.

      Others have problems with the clickable map?

      Please let me know.

  4. Ally says:

    now I can see the map, no little hand to do anything though!

  5. Ally says:

    now it works

  6. bladi meri says:

    mejo el proseco

    while you do mate…
    …i´ll prefer to eat a pizza at ristorante “La Figa”.
    Do you mind?


    “everybody say hallo to jane that is leaving the fish tank because iago is coming soon…”
    i like do cryptic… sorry pier

    • pt says:

      Jane, fish tank, Iago. Mmh … Giacomino’s coming!

      Did I get it? :-D

      But what about the video? What the hell I’m doing here? I don’t belong here?

  7. bladi meri says:

    bravo, you got it
    sorry about the video, no idea i did it, was only supposed to be linked on fb.

    the SMFG´s font i see on my screen is really shaddy – difficult to read – could also be i´am becoming too older?

    • pt says:

      It is the good old old “Georgia”: it should be installed in most machines (this is why I chose it — apart of being the only one with Osf).

      It is always been like that or something changed recently? In the latter case it something on your computer (like you installed a new operating system and you don’t have the proper fonts).

      Anyway, it should default to “Serif”, if the others are not installed.

      Let me know.
      Ciao ciao, I’m a creep!

      • meri bladi says:

        it is shaddy – sfuocato – only on my big notebook (big screen).
        Actually I notice any problem reading with my little laptop (one “spanna” of screen).

        so, I guess it is a problem with the 1st one.

        it is been for long time like that, but i do not remember how long.
        anyway i will survive

        have a nice week

  8. Manu says:

    What’s the yerba???
    (I really have to go to South America to know the real things ;-)

  9. Ally says:

    same for me:
    Blurry on the Home PC (W vista) and fine on the office laptop (W. 7).
    Been like this for months.

    • pt says:

      I don’t have the W for trying it out, I have added a couple of fallback fonts, but I am not sure this was the problem.

      ¿Can you tell me if something changes?


  10. Ally says:

    what does: “with a brand new project!” means?

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