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Mi Buenos Aires querido

Jan 30th 2010

A night bus ride brought me back to my beloved Buenos Aires, and goodbye Brazil — for now.

This time I managed to limit the party time, allowing for a little site-seeing: a very nice tango show (the real thing) in Avenida Corrientes; a tour of la Boca, home of countless Maradona impersonators and of a row of restaurants with embedded tourist-shaped tango shows — all obviously playing at the same time, generating the disorienting effect of seeing people dancing in front of you while listening to completely different rhythms with your left and right ears —; a very nice CS meeting with visit to the Cementerio de Recoleta, picnic and party :-)

This is a city that I could live in, although it really lacks a beach! Walking at night in certain districts brings me images of Cortázar and Borges, the sky colour is just amazing, and the weather is never too harsh. The city is lively and exciting, the food is very good, life is fairly cheap and the people is nice and friendly. You can always have a chat — and I did quite a few times — with some Italian origin Porteño. There is a great range of cultural offer, with dozens of theatres, second hand book shops, nice cafés and bars. Plus they speak Castellano :-)

Finally, these are the first photos taken with the camera I bought in Paraguay!

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  1. L'Anonima says:

    ..mi chiedo se riesci a ricordarti come siano pioggia e neve!.. :-)

  2. a-l-e says:

    come mai 2 post identici?!? …
    forse Buenos Aires è mooolto querido!!! ;-)

    attendiamo tutti nuovi post(i)!!!
    ciao P!

    • pt says:

      Non sono due, è lo stesso post, ma è chiamato due volte nella prima pagina: ho postato due articoli lo stesso giorno, e non volevo che uno venisse perso. Adesso è tutto a posto.

      Ciao, a breve un articolo sull’Uruguay!

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