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Iguaçu falls

Jan 21st 2010

This is really something you have to see with your eyes, because no picture will do justice to the beauty of the place. Anyway, I’m posting here a few photos, just in case.

Foz do Iguaçu is very far from Salvador — better said, Salvador is very far from everything else, being Brazil a huge country. The options were a 36 hours bus ride to Sâo Paulo, followed by a night somewhere in the city and another 12–14 hours from there to Foz. Thus the final decision was for a three-legs flight — at the same price of the bus :-)

Sadly, no couches were available, but luckily the hostel choice was one of best ever! The choice fell on Klein Hostel basically because the flight was arriving in Foz at 11pm, and they were offering free pick-up service :-) The experience was super-nice: an all-over friendly family and cool place, that you barely feel the need of leaving foe going visiting the city!

The next stop planned — but you all know how my plans are, for so to speak, flexible :-) — was Paraguay, except discovering at the border that Canadian citizens need a visa, from the Consulate! Thus we decided to just hop on one of the many buses going to Ciudad del Este, that incidentally is the third largest free-tax zone in the world: nobody asked any questions, so I have now a nice new camera! (I’ll post a photo when I’ll have somebody else taking it!)


This is pretty much all for now. I have a couple new destinations, stay tuned for more rock’n’roll!

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  2. buck! says:

    Happy birthday to pt!!!!

  3. MAMMA says:

    Il primo è stato Buck!
    Dopo ti invio la torta!

  4. marci says:

    tanti auguri vecio!!!
    …e non nel senso veneto della parola eh ehe eh
    ciao zingaro, basi

  5. Ally says:

    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!

    Ally & Co.

  6. La Ale says:

    Buon compleanno, Piergino!
    (c’è anche un augurio meno essenziale sulla tua mailbox ;))

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    ciao Piergi….quì in italia si mormora che oggi il nostro amato vagabondo compie gli

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    • pt says:

      Thank you very much, grazie a tutti.

      I replied collectively in a post — yes, FIVE (5!) posts in January — that will be published at 23:59 Carità time.

      I love you all.

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