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Happy birthday to me!

Jan 30th 2010

This is my second birthday as a free man, and I honestly can say that I never felt so happy: everyday I do what I want — as opposed to what other people think I should do, check this post —, I continuously meet beautiful people, I visit incredible places, I learn everyday something new, and everyday is quite different from the preceding one.

Virtual cake

Esprimi un desiderio, spegni le candeline e … noi la mangeremo pensando a te!

Of course I miss my family and friends (my mum sent me this birthday cake, but unfortunately it was just the photo!) but you know I have all of you in my heart everyday. I am currently in Montevideo, Uruguay, thinking on where to go next — although some beach seems to be the right answer :-) I don’t know for how long I will be able to afford this lifestyle, while one thing I know for sure is that I will not come back to the other one. It is long ago that I stopped getting worried in advance.

Bottom line: we are the owners of our own life, and this life deserves to be lived fully. It is our responsibility to do so. To be happy. My thanks go to you, all my friends and my family, for loving and supporting me every single day in this adventure that is my new life.

I am happy.

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  1. guillem says:

    Que envidia nos estas dando a todos… venga, ya puedes volver!

    Por cierto, se te acabaron las ideas?? Que tal en St. Petersburgo para semana santa? Puedes quedarte conmigo si resuelves los problemas de visado.

    Hasta pronto,

  2. Michela says:

    Auguri Piergi!! anche se era ieri..bello quello che hai scritto! sono contenta per te..
    Hope to see you again! ehhehe

  3. a-l-e says:


    (tieni duro uomo! sei quasi arrivato a “…pa-ra-pa-pa-pa! CARORA!…” ;-)))

  4. L'Anonima says:

    Pork,riuscito a connettermi solo ora!…un po’ in ritardo, ma comunque..auguri!
    “Non ha ragione chi ha ragione. Ha ragione chi è felice”: non ricordo chi l’abbia detto, ma mi pare che calzi.. :-)

    PS: riprendendo la lieta canzoncina che vedo più in alto: vogliamo una tua foto con un “embalse” come sfondo! :-P

    • pt says:

      Grazie a te, anonimo!

      La citazione mi dicono dovrebbe essere di Tolstoj, ma non ho verificato (ma puoi farlo tu e farmi sapere con calma).

      Adesso che avrai un casino di tempo libero, perché non vieni a trovarmi? Cosí la foto ce la facciamo insieme! ha ha ha hahaha ha hah a hha haLOL!

  5. D. says:

    ooohhh….piergi, non glioravo così da un po’!!!

    e poi…gli auguri con un solo giorno di ritardo…ti voglio proprio bene!


  6. Gigio says:

    Minchia Piergi
    anche questa ho mancato!
    I missed your birthday once again.
    Anyway, great post!
    Happy happy happy birthday!!!

  7. Ale says:

    Ya te estoy extrañando!!!!!!!!! :(
    Una vez más, muy feliz cumple!! Muy lindo post! Ojala pueda hacer lo mismo que tu, pronto!

    • pt says:

      Bienvenida en este pequeño club!

      Gracias, gracias, y te deseo mucha suerte con tus planes, aunque Montevideo no va a ser la misma sin su reina! :-)

  8. Olga says:

    Hi Piergi!

    Happy Birthday to you! Hope you had a wonderful one! :)
    I was kinda busy moving around Belgium/Hungary/Ukraine for the past few month, so lost truck of your adventures. And yesterday decided to check how are you doing and how is Australia/NZ treating you , and what i see? that you already traveling around South America!
    More than that – you were in Brazil at the same time when i landed here! :)
    I don’t know what are your plans after BA, and if you found “the beach” already, but if you wanna return to Brazil after the Carnival (around 22-25th of February) and stay with us for week or two or whatever :), we will be leaving in nice big house 10 minutes from the beach in beautiful island of Florianopolis, Brasil.
    Come and visit us!
    Olga (@Istanbul Winter Camp)

    • pt says:

      Hi Olya!

      Thank you very much! Unfortunately I stayed only three weeks in Brazil, mostly due to the prices there :-(
      It is way better in Argentina and even Montevideo!

      I am now looking for the perfect beach east of here, and Floripa is definitely east :-P
      So stay in touch, let’s see how my Uruguayan experience evolves, and see you soon!

      Big kiss,

  9. Olga says:

    Hi :)

    I should agree with that – Brazil is probably not the cheapest in South America, in fact it is more expensive than Ukraine :( and Florianopolis it is kinda tourist destination (no wonder, beaches are beautiful!) for brazilians and argentinians, but people here say that prices will go down after February. still with place to stay by the beach and without eating out – it is possible to enjoy.

    I hope to get a chance to see Uruguay and Argentina too, while i’m here.
    And hope to see you either here or there :)


  10. Olga says:

    P.S. is it possible to sign up somewhere to receive updates of your posts by e-mail?

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