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Language crossing in the Balkans

Aug 21st 2008

I’ve just realised that — so far — I’ve been in four countries, spanning four language families (Finno-Ugric / Romance / Slavic / Greek) and three different alphabets in a row!

No surprise that I feel so confused …

A note to our fellows western travellers: I’m sorry, but you can’t beat the Old Continent!

And now… for something completely different:

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  1. Ally says:

    do you remember the “speak slouly, please” sign in San Gimignano?

    I am sure you´ll find more of these great Ialianisms during your trip.
    And if you feel sad and lonely, just drop in an Italian restaurant and I am sure that the menu will cheer you up!

  2. camcam says:

    GREAT… dear Prg…i confess that the first thing i do when i turn my pc on is looking if you have written something.
    it seems to me to be on trip with you…
    Say hallo to greece in memory of the old happy carefree days..

  3. Pi says:

    for Ally:
    LOL! How can I possibly forget the speak slouly? I have a picture of it, too!

    for Camcam:
    Keep tight: in a few days I’ll be to Naxos (Paros, Naxos, Sexos), in the Maragas camping for a HUGE party (five days long) with CSers from all over the world.

    And, for the LOL thing: Laughing Out Loud. You can google it (or wikipedia), there are loads of funny acronyms in the internet.

    One of my favourites is ROTFLMAOASTC!

  4. camcam says:


  5. camcam says:


  6. Pi says:

    No, the party starts the 27th in Athens (pre-meeting party) and ends the 31st in Naxos (goodbye party). Don’t worry, there will be plenty of photos.

  7. cam says:

    prg.. if sometimes i’ll call you on your mobile do you think you will answer?
    have you already gone to mc donald the one that was clean before some spanish friends of ours……………..:)

  8. Pi says:

    I don’t remember which one is! But if you give me some hints I’ll definitely go there and take some (tons) of photos!

    Ciao ciao!

  9. Buck! says:

    hi guys,
    I’m back on the net now.
    after some days on holidays, I’m glad to see that the journey-blog still goes on…
    well they say how little the world is: pi, I met your middle brother down in Tuscany inside a “sagra”; we didn’t believe our eyes.

  10. cam says:

    I don’t remember very well, but it seems to me it was the one in the pireo, but i remember that the whole greek girls went crazy for our Ally!

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