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Μέγας Αλέξανδρος

Aug 20th 2008
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I have a list of things to do in Thessaloniki:

  1. go to the Ano Poli
  2. watch the sunset from the church with the peafowls
  3. watch the sunset from the Λεωφόρος Νίκης
  4. have a giros at Snoopy’s

So far, I did #1 and #3, and I’m afraid that #4 will remain unchecked, because good ol’ Snoopy seems to have moved from the waterfront :-(

I’m now in a bar on Leoforos Nikis, waiting to join a CSers mini-meeting, sipping the obligatory omnipresent frappé (technically, mine is a frappé skéto megála).

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