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Greece, fifteen years after

Sep 3rd 2008

I’m on the boat to Samos, trying to catch up with my thoughts and feelings after a couple of weeks lived with my whole body and soul.

What I feel now is a bit of loneliness — the least one could expect after such an intense social activity. But it is a good opportunity for recovering energies and preparing the Turkey trip. And update the blog :-)

I’m sorry, but I think that this post will be appreciated — almost — only by few of you, namely the participants of the 1993 El Harén mission.

Walking the same streets after 15 years make me feel like as no time had passed — although it was the other century — and at the same time I know that I’m a completely different person (eg: I don’t feel anymore the urge of climbing that headless statue, yet I can’t stop laughing my a** off remembering the museum guard getting mad at us!)

And next came Naxos (Paros, Sexos).

And that wind (I still have sand in my mouth after three days). So I had to take this photos also, although the lack of our friends makes me a bit melancholic.

This is how we looked fifteen years ago!

This hug is for you, my friends.

You can find more photos of Greece here.

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6 Responses

  1. Ally says:

    Oh! my dear Pi!

    Memories, memories… el Harén, las Locas, the Meltemi, the brightest falling star ever seen, the hot dry weather and the “loutraki”; dangerous bus rides and strange old greeks.
    Sunsets on ferries and sunrises in tents (or Hosetels in Santorini). Culture, tunafish and the Patrasso McDonald; lost money and dodgy mopeds.
    Just a great holiday.
    Thanks for bringing back the memory!

  2. Pi says:

    It would be great if you could scan those pictures (haren, altalena, Andrea on the statue) and send them to me.


  3. Ally says:

    Dear Pi,
    those pictures are unfortunatelly in TV in my messy bedroom (you know).
    Sorry but no scan available from UK

    You´ll need to wait until Xmas!

    PS still raining here!

  4. matta says:

    Hi Piergi,
    thanks to Ally, finally I know where you are and how we can stay in touch whith you. It’s almost 15 days Tiziana and I, we are thinking on how are you.
    You look very good, and I see your trip is going throught memories too. Even if I didn’t in greece, I can feel some emocion remembering your ’93 experiece.
    A great hug from Valentina too.

  5. camcam says:

    don’t worry i didn’t forget what you asked to me.
    but the pictures are difficult to find because i don’t know where they are. “stay calm”…i’ll find them…

  6. Pi says:

    OK, so I can write another post in the meanwhile (I was waiting to update this one).

    I’ll stay calm :-)

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