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Language crossing in the Balkans

Aug 21st 2008

I’ve just realised that — so far — I’ve been in four countries, spanning four language families (Finno-Ugric / Romance / Slavic / Greek) and three different alphabets in a row!

No surprise that I feel so confused …

A note to our fellows western travellers: I’m sorry, but you can’t beat the Old Continent!

And now… for something completely different:

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  1. Buck! says:

    there’no need to travel a lot to see such pearls:
    in a menu in a pizzeria we have noticed:
    – woodka
    – speak (it was meant speck)
    – whiskie
    – waissen (the beer)
    to name a few examples.
    whereas the prices of a good pizza ranged from 8 to 10 euros… but it was good.

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