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The Land Of Silence

Jul 10th 2009

Welcome to Australia! As I leave the plane the first thing I notice is the quietness of the place. Everybody talks in a low voice, cars are not honking and everything seems to go smoothly. Obviously enough — and sadly for my reduced budget — prices are consistent with the quality of service.

After the first night spent in a — quite smelly — backpacker’s dorm, the wonderful world of hospitality exchange comes to me with a comfy couch. It is located a bit out of town, but the bus is just around the corner, and I have the opportunity to spend some time chatting with the driver: he arrived here from Serbia some twenty years ago with wife and two sons, and he is dreaming of selling his Australian house (worth two or three Belgrade brand-new houses) and come back to beautiful home sweet home. The only thing is that he is scared of tell it to his family :-)

Adapting myself to the winter temperature — and the daily rain — is another thing, though, and I am already organising my move up north. Meanwhile, I enjoy the varied range of cultural (and free) offerings of Perth — in particular the Nick Cave exhibition — and the never-ending strip of shops and cafes in the centre malls, good for warming up a bit after the sunset. Here I discover that the food portions are set up accordingly to the Country size (see kebab photo) and I start to think that maybe I will not lose those extra kilos … :-)

Note: as usual, photos and eye-candies will come according to the availability of a wireless Internet connection.

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  1. Ally says:

    Perth… I am sure Angie has told you that we have relatives there…

    Australia, makes me think at the Alberto Sordi movie!

  2. Ally says:

    By the way, the head picture doesn’t show up on my PC!
    Plus the “recent images” section is very slow to upload!

    hope you are having fun down under!

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