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Discovering India

Dec 1st 2008
The Lal Qila with the flag flying at half

The Lal Qila with the flag flying at half

Winter was knocking at the door, meaning that my time in Jordan was over. The plan of reaching India by land through Iran and Pakistan was long gone by then, thus I went to my favourite library, plugged in my little baby, during the boot time ordered a cinnamon cappuccino and then booked a flight to Delhi.

It was only when I was home again that I heard about the Mumbai shooting, thinking if my timing could possibly be less appropriate! After tranquillising family and friends I just tried to mentally prepare myself for an incredibly long wait at the security check. But eventually everything went well, and —surprisingly enough— there were no security checks at all at Delhi airport.

My little baby wearing the MissK? sticker

My little baby wearing the MissK? sticker

Then it was India. My learning begun with the taxi/hotel/tour/whatever assault just outside the airport entrance, and continued with my first share of the Indian way of going trough the traffic. I’ve found very interesting the horning part, particularly in the moment I realised that each and every vehicle had painted on the back «Horn please!» The second thing I noticed was the hotel’s door key. But you get used fast to that, it is only a bit heavy to bring in your pocket :-)

The third one was the extreme pollution: Delhi air is … polluted! You will see in my photographs that it looks always as there was a light fog. And to this you really don’t get used easily :-(

More on the Delhi experience on next post! Of course when I’ll get a decent connection I’ll upload the Delhi gallery, that is almost done.

«Horn please» — Self commented

«Horn please» — Self commented

The door <em>key</em> at the hotel

The door key at the hotel

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  1. marco says:

    ciao Piergi, anche se in ritardo, buon Natale.

  2. a-l-e says:

    xe ben GOA?

  3. Luigi Perrone says:

    Ciao Pier,
    vedo che non rispondi più ai miei sms, probabilmente la rete non ti permette più di ricevere dall’italia. Ti faccio i miei auguri di Buone Feste, LP

  4. cam says:

    wasn’t milano closer to have polluted air?

  5. Ally says:

    Buone feste

  6. cam says:


  7. Ally says:

    too much sun and…

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