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Jul 31st 2009

It took me three (3!) weeks to leave Perth, but eventually I made it! I’m writing this article laying in the back of a van going from Monkey Mia to Coral Bay in a spectacular sunny day. Being stuck in rainy Perth for so long was less than exciting, hence I will not be talking about that here :-)

Let’s just stay that my quest for a way to the north ended when a fellow CSer posted an ad looking for people to share a ride on his van. It is three days now that I am travelling with my two new French friends, and the trip is just great! Just take a look at the photos for an idea of the stunning beauty of this continent.

The first two nights after leaving Perth it was just too cold, but on the dawning of the third day the sunshine of the (almost) tropical zone warmed up my smile and heart. After too long I got my thongs (the kind you wear on your feet) and fisherman pants from the backpack and was all set up to the beach again!

Note: more photos here and a video are coming with a better connection. Be patient!

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8 Responses

  1. Ally says:

    Come on,
    three weeks in Perth and only one post?
    sounds lazy to me!

  2. buck! says:

    Strange, in Australia you put thongs on your feet, in other countries…

  3. Marie Tossings says:

    Have lots of fun traveling with your 2 french friends !!! It seems you don’t have much time to give us some
    news…. so i will wait for you to be in belgium to hear more about what seems to be a fantastic journey.
    Take care of you. Hugs and lots of love,

    • pt says:

      Hi Marie!

      I have time, but I don’t have internet!
      So now I bought a 24 hours connection and I’m catching up with the uploading of photos.

      You’ll have to wait a little more for new articles, as I am fully busy with my CS New Ambs Mentoring: it is very exciting but at the same time it takes me lots of time.

      Thanks for staying in touch, see you next year in Europe — I think :-)

  4. AndreA says:

    I do want a can of olive oil spray! How is the taste of kangarro? I saw your smiling face before eating it but there is no photos after the first bite……

    • pt says:

      Well, kangaroo is good!

      And it is a nice news, since on the roads you can find heaps of them, in case we run out of food :-P

  5. AndreA says:

    I had my fist 2 surfers!!!!

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