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Riding the monsoon

May 25th 2009

The nice days in Malacca lead to a run all over peninsular Malaysia, with me following my new friends to KL, then to Georgetown (again!) and to Langkawi.

Unfortunately, once in Langkawi, we found ourselves into a pure monsoon week. After the first day (and half of the second) the rain started. And it never stopped :-(

Thus the stay at the Gecko House was mainly paced by the breakfast -> lunch -> beer-happy-hour -> dinner mantra. For a couple of days it was fun—especially considering that I hacked the wireless key of the neighbouring internet café so I could post the Malaysian galleries—then it was just too much. If I wanted rain I would have stayed in Italy, wouldn’t I?

But as I rarely look at the calendar, I discovered a bit too late that the 1st of May week-end already started. That meant that pretty much all of Malaysia was moving towards some other parts of the country. And I had my flight to Bali already booked from KL!

What to do? A party! And party was (check the gallery), but when the club swept us all out for closing, at 2AM, I kind of misevaluated the friendliness of the few locals with a car, for they only got girls on board.

Sadly walking my way to the Gecko, I was caught into what seemed to me the most furious storm that I can recall. I found a shelter under a motorbike repair shop roof, thinking the rain in the tropics only lasts half an hour. I woke up after a couple of hours, finding myself lying on the pavement, with the rain still falling careless of the latitude. I borrowed an umbrella from the deserted repair shop and went on my way, reaching home around 5:45AM.

A couple more days (and a book) later I was happily crossing the country on a bus, direction KL (to be visited for the third time!).

Note: being the connection situation what it is, pictures and eye candies will be delayed until my return to lo Stivale. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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3 Responses

  1. Frank says:

    Hi P,
    send my greetings to KL. Your trip remind me one year ago, when I was in KL and in the small Tioman island, East of KL. Lost in the jungle, no roads, no cell phone cover; me, my thoughts and the sea.
    Life is strange, today I enjoy a totally different side of it.
    I look forward to introduce you Matilde, 51cm of resolution.
    See you soon, bye

    • pt says:


      Congratulazioni! Io arrivo nello stivale il 30! Ci vediamo da voi! Quanti punti esclamativi! Sono emozionato!

  2. Ally says:

    Then why does everybody criticises the UK for being a rainy place.
    It is unfair!

    I would go more for the north east of England being a windy place!


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