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Free beer tomorrow

May 21st 2009

So much for posting in real time, I am already a couple of weeks late. But it was cool while it lasted :-)

I went to Malacca planning to stay a couple of days, but as it often applies to me, I ended up staying a whole week—and more. It just happens, especially when I am Couchsurfing. This time I was lucky enough to find a nice guesthouse with a usable common space. And we really used it: starting from the first night, watching DVD and then chatting on the roof until 5AM :-)

And after that pretty much every night we were hanging out together guests and manager: Chinese dinner, playing pool, beer, Indian dinner, playing darts, beer, take-away dinner, playing poker, beer. The base and meeting point was in the Free beer tomorrow bar, just a few steps from home—although you don’t really need a meeting point when everybody is sleeping at the same place, do you?

I stayed a week in Malacca, I went to Chinatown once during the day and once in the night (see the video for the events of that night). I went to no places of interest in the city. At all.

Still it was one of the best places of my trip: as I wrote before, people are more interesting than monuments :-)

Note: I have photos and a video to post here, but the connection is painfully slow so I will update the post when in Bali again.

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2 Responses

  1. Ally says:

    Happy to see your are still connected to the world…
    are you ready for the big ride home? reality could hit you hard!

    See you…

    • danes says:

      you know, i think i know: it´s always easy to come back. not hard at all.
      easy man, and free beer tomorrow (or whatever today and yesterday) at least with betiologrisspanbatagia&dan´sin)… at cruz of course

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