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Surfing paradise

May 27th 2009
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As my 27 € flight dropped me in Kuta, Bali, I suddenly discovered the peculiarities of indonesia, as the fact that they make you pay 300 000 Rupees for the Visa, then other 150 000 for the departure tax as you leave! After that I got to know the 20 000 Rupees Rule and other backsheesh-related amenities.

Anyway, my Kuta experience was less than exciting, given the fact the days are pretty much the same: surf in the morning (I don’t surf — yet), beach, mee goreng, beer, watching the sunset (but 90% of the evenings were cloudy/rainy), beer, nasi campur, beer, party, arrak. Basically the place is packed with big American(/Australian/Canadian) boys covered in tattoos and wearing a baseball cap, most of the time bringing around a surf board.

The nice part is that I met a nice couple of fellow Italians, running a restaurant in Poppi’s Lane II: so I had my share of bruschetta, pasta, espresso and one lucky day even a parmigiana! They rented me a motorbike and I went around the island for a few days, bringing my casetta with me (see photo :-)

I went to the east coast and to Ubud, where my CouchSurfing friends told me about the wonderful Gili Islands. Having ten days to spend in the area, I decided to give it a try :-)


More pictures in this gallery.

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  1. Ally says:

    Did you really try to surf?

    Sport? you?

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