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Cosimo Piovasco di Rondò

Oct 1st 2008

And the quest for the sun leads me to Antalya, in the very south of Turkey, and my thirst of blue would eventually be satisfied (see photos).

But the curse of the Ramazan Bayram (see this post) is still there: both of my hosts in Antalya are leaving for the holiday, and I grab the opportunity of see Olimpos, just around the corner.

I grab a dolmuş to the bus staion, there the dolmuş to Olimpos, that leaves us to the main street, and from there — guess — a dolmuş to the city. City? Oops! There is no city: the place is just an agglomeration of pensions and bars lined on both sides of the only street that leads through the ruins to the beach.

But some of the pensions are of a peculiar kind: tree houses! Feeling my age slowly flowing away, I climb on the ladder to my new home.

More photos of Antalya and Olimpos here.

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8 Responses

  1. Ally says:

    Great to talk to you yesterday.


    Ally & Co.

  2. cam says:

    I’m so happy your trip is going well! But don’t get used to such five stars hotel with sigth on the sea and girls in the room!

  3. CircaDiana says:

    Bella la seconda foto: volto di uomo libero e felice.
    Attendiamo scorci di Gerusalemme ;-)

  4. Buck! says:

    I hope you can stay away from the world crisis as much as you can.
    I like to think there’s someone who can surf on the sad things of life ;-)

  5. matta says:

    Pi, tell us about “somebody else” behind the roman temple door … Enjoy your trip!

  6. Ally says:

    time is flying and you start forgetting your readers (and friends). Where are you?

  7. Pi says:

    There you go! :-)

  8. Anonymous says:

    U look happy with your big smile on your face,glad about it.hope everything is getting even more enjoyable when U meet more and more cultures and folks of these cultures.There's something deliciously irresistible in this kind of round around the world trips.still sun&hot here in Antalya, Nes

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