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Welcome to the Holy Land

Oct 4th 2008


I wake up when the plane hit the land — I mean the Holy Land :-) — and I start looking around me: I’m alone in the last row, the only goy in a plane full of happy and noisy Israeli families coming back from their Turkish holidays — the Shekel is kinda high, these days ….

My thought goes to the preceding hours — and I feel the nightmare slowly fading away. I arrived from Olimpos to Antalya very late the night before, I woke up early and I went to the airport. Turkey did not want to let me go: after discovering that I cannot go to Israel via Cyprus (because you cannot pass the border from North to South, and from Turkey you can only go to the Northern part) I somehow managed to sneak in an Israeli return charter. But, alas! the girl at the travel agency forgot to add my name to the flight list. After a couple of hours of frantic phone calls eventually I passed the check-in. Three minutes before it closed.

So, this is how Israel looks: … nice!

After discovering that I can pay the train ticket (2.50 €) with my credit card The Big Smile shows up on my face! And it gets wider when, first on the train and then on the bus, I realise that almost everyone — including the elder and the young — speaks English.

I happily settle down on my couch in Yafo while I let the hot air, the smells and the sounds of Middle-East slowly soak my body. In a few hours I realise that it will be hard to leave this place.

As usual, more photos of Tel Aviv here.

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3 Responses

  1. Ally says:

    Well, now it is clear to me. You will eventually find a place to settle down in a town close to the sea!
    Keep on searching the perfect spot…my friend!

    Great to see that your smile is getting bigger and bigger!

  2. cam says:

    Every day i realize you did the right choice! find a good place to live and we will follow you!
    Rocco says hallo to you.

  3. matta says:

    it’s ten days we don’t know anything about you. Where are you now? Are you still in Israel or not? Now the trip should be difficult and dangerous, where do you think to go?

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