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Istanbul as it once was

Sep 26th 2008

After a couple of hours in Ayvalık walking up and down with my backpack — that is a bit heavier every day — I decide to just go to İstanbul and from there to the next stop.

Oh, by the way, you should be aware that in Turkey long distance buses stop during the trip for washing (see photo), so you can happily wait outside thinking about how different things can be in different places :-)

But, alas! things are not always as you wish: ten hours of bus and once in İstanbul, rain. And then rain, and cold, and rain … if you lived in Treviso you know what I mean.

So I go to a travel agency, with Cappadocia in mind. And then … Ramazan Bayram! Yes, a very important holiday in Islamic countries. Like all of the buses booked for the whole week. Me not happy :-(

But a great city always reserves you more options, and mine is discover remains of the old Ottoman city in between modern buildings. Here you have some sample, mostly in the Kadıköy district.

After the sightseeing I went to a random travel agency, and I bought the first ticket for Whatever.

That’s in the south :-)

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  1. Ally says:

    Rain? Pi, you are definetly wrong!
    You need to live in the North of England to understand the meaning on rain (and wind).

  2. Pi says:

    Don’t you think this could be the reason for me not moving to northern England? :-)

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