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Blue is my favourite colour …

Sep 9th 2008

… as in sky and sea!

The mighty SummerCamp in beautiful Naxos (Paros, Sexos) ended, and I moved my casetta to Syros, but it was only for having a real sleep — after a week between no-sleeping and sleeping-on-the-floor — and for doing the laundry.

After that was Samos! Due to the lack of CSers there, I opted for an hotel, made sure it had an internet connection, rented a small motorbike and went for the wild-and-deserted-beaches tour.

The results are posted here below :-)

For some reason the blue in Greece seems bluer than elsewhere, thus I’m planning a little come-back on the next week.

More photos of Samos here.

Stay tuned for more blue!

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4 Responses

  1. Ally says:

    Greece seems to be a good place to settle down…. very good for your friends visiting during the summer holidays anyway!

    My personal blue is in Italy on Lake Garda (view from the Garden, you know it!). I have decided to hang up some of MY blue (in the form of Pictures) in my office and at home, so my imagination can fly…

  2. Ste Caps says:

    Ciao Piergi,
    just got your blog from Ale and finding it interesting.Greece leaves fond memories of a time when I had no children:will return soon. It doesn’t seem to have changed much. We are back from a holiday in Tunisia (35C and sun) and now in Treviso 2 days of rain and 15C …..
    Ciao Ste Barbara and children

  3. camcam says:

    i’m late but don’t worry

  4. Pi says:

    I’ll wait . . .

    I’m going back to Turkey: let’s see if I can update this thing!

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