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Back to kebap!

Sep 10th 2008

I’m back to Turkey, and hungry: sewing this flags to my backpack is a very tiring task!

There is the good old kebap, but Turkish food has many many options, so I tried to taste more. Here you have a small gallery, ranging from the afore mentioned Mr. K to more esoteric possibilities: a thing with eggs inside, menemen the name will be posted as soon as I’ll remember it, that you can’t actually see because my American friend put all of the bread into it (for saving time?).

A portion of chicken with vegetables and rice — with the evil green-peppers as a side dish —; a carefully prepared in nouvelle cuisine style plate of Köfte with cheese.

But my favourite so far is this home-made dinner: mushroom soup, cooked and fresh vegetables, stuffed peppers, yoghurt and dates!

Of course, if you are looking for something a little more unusual, you can pay a visit to this bar at Izmir bus station:

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5 Responses

  1. Buck! says:

    I can’t believe you ate vegetables!

  2. Enrico says:

    Fantastico il merda cafè!

  3. Pi says:

    Buck: I only ate the salad and the peppers, don't worry! :-P

    Enrico: c'era anche un Merda Buffet, ma la scritta non era cosí enorme!

  4. Ally says:

    Merda Cafe is unbeatable!
    No doubt

  5. Pi says:


    I’ve just updated the Naxos post.

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