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Take your time

Aug 8th 2008

I’m here in Varna since a week, so I can say that I know the centre very well — even if I think I’ve spent more time on the beach, anyway.

Back in my days we used to do some kind of brute-force tourism, seeing 20 cities in a fortnight.

But now I just prefer to stay more time in the same place, walk slowly down the roads, look at the people and the less important things, small shops, hidden corners.

I just sit in a cafe with my notebook or a book, observing the flowing of everyday life. And it’s also nice to meet the same people in the same places, as we were neighbours.

Maybe the whole point of doing such a long trip is for me that I’ll learn more from people than from monuments.

People from Treviso maybe will appreciate this photo of the street were I live in Varna.

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  1. Ally says:

    what about a coast to coast in less than 3 weeks? plus early return flight just to make it more tight!

    I am still convinced it was a great idea to come back 2-3 days earlier! If you are not…. well next time you will see H, F, G I am sure you´ll change your mind.

    Varna seems interesting, is it worth a detour (2 stars) or a visit (3 stars)?

  2. Pi says:

    I was convinced too.

    Varna is worth a detour, because (unless you plan to stay in the beach) in one day you can visit it thorough. I mean, if you don’t have friends there for having a bit of nightlife . . .

  3. Pi says:

    Damn! Bloody tiny keyboard!


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