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Le bulgare hanno gli occhi grandi come il mare

Aug 3rd 2008

After a long bus trip from Bucharest, I eventually arrive to Constanţa. The trip includes a stop for the driver’s lunch in some kind of spaghetti-western-saloon in the middle of nowhere (see photo).

Once at the train station (see photo), the “Quest For Useful Info” begins.

It seems that people working at information desks only know a few words in English: the numbers (for the prices) and “I don’t know” (for everything else). Brilliant! No time wasting whatsoever.

Thus I ask somebody else for the bus station — that is just in the next block, as miss “I don’t know” is probably aware of — and head for the Turkish agency: if you go to İstanbul you have to pass through Varna, don’t you?

The man at the counter luckily speaks both languages: Turkish and Rumanian, but somehow I manage to eventually get my ticket to Varna.

And after a long bus trip from Constanţa, I eventually arrive to Varna.

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  1. Ally says:

    Come on,
    what’s the name of the Bulgarian Girl?

  2. camcam says:

    prg …hurry up…go to auckland..where there is the “BOOBS ON BIKE”: that is a parade of nakedbreast pornostar riding a motorbike!….but i’m afraid you are late! :(

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