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Extreme shower experience

Jun 2nd 2010

Long long time ago, a friend in Barcelona told that in Ecuador the hot water showers have a peculiar heating system: an electric device sitting just on top of the shower end, badly wired and taped to the water pipe.

But that was 1994! Nowadays …

Imagine my surprise when, fifteen years after hearing that story, I reached Brazil and I found exactly the same scary device, as well as in Argentina, Bolivia and Perú ((Most of those things sport an Italian name on it, as if it was an Italian invention!)). Same same but different. The difference here in Huanchaco is that the thing is so badly wired that it actually gives you an electric shock when you are wet and touch something metallic—e.g. the tap knob!

Well, this is a shower, so you are likely to be wet when using it!

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  1. Ally says:

    health and safety FIRST!

  2. karina says:

    es de pesimo gusto eso, y peligroso, claro

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