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Campioni del mondo!

May 29th 2010

On my way to Perú, I stopped on the shores of the Titicaca lake, in a small city called Copacabana—not the beach in Rio de Janeiro!

The idea was to go and visit the Isla del Sol, in the middle of the lake. Unfortunately, a pouring rain made me change my mind, and I found myself spending way more time than usual in my hostel room :-(

A television set there, and when I managed to get a remote control from the reception—not as easy a task as one may think—during a boring zapping this is what I found: the final of the football world cup of 1982! I don’t remember having see that match after the first time, and even if I despise football, I couldn’t help being glued to this one event. Faces and names started to emerge from the recesses of my mind, and a stream of mixed emotions got me completely overwhelmed.

There you go!

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Campioni del mondo! Campioni del mondo! Campioni del mondo!

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  1. Ally says:

    In 1982, I was in a Campingsite in Jesolo Lido, surrounded by German holiday makers, I was 12 years old and it was just GREAT.
    Thanks Pi.

    • pt says:

      :s/Jesolo Lido/Bibione Pineda/


      We were half a dozen children sitting in the open trunk of a Range Rover, with hand-made flags (nobody thought we could possibly win that cup) and making noise clashing pot lids.

      I remember a young German tearing apart and throwing to the ground a German flag in disappointment: it made me feel very sad.

  2. a-l-e says:

    [a little update… loading ver. 2.00.6 ]

    campioni del mondo!!! …campioni del mondo!!! …campioni del mondo!!! …campioni del mondo!!!

    ciao Pier!!!

    • pt says:

      As a side note, I am having breakfast and the telly is broadcasting Italy–New Zealand: I am proud of the performance of our team, who managed not to lose to the almighty All Blacks.

      Hey! Wait! But this is not rugby! Awwwwwwwww!

  3. L'Anonima says:

    Bella a-l-e: “Il cielo è blu sopra Berlino!!”
    Così, tanto per non fare gli ‘italiani’:-)

    Ciao Pier, solo un pretesto per mandarti un saluto.

  4. Ally says:

    Did you try the peruvian national drink: inka cola ?
    Plus, have you noticed the funny ml sizes?

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