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Nov 9th 2008
First step is done. Now waiting for the paint to dry

First step is done. Now waiting for the paint to dry

It doesn’t happen very often to assist at the Making Of a work of art. But this time I was lucky enough to get to know the very talented MissK and having her letting me documenting the creative process.

There you go!

And there is also a small video of it:
[hana-flv-player video=”https://smfg.traversin.org/video/YouMustLoveMe-03.flv” /]

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17 Responses

  1. Società anonima di ingegneria says:

    Non stiamo affatto guardando il tuo blog in orario di lavoro (ui ar nott uoccin ior blog in uorchin taim).
    Beato ti!! (beat iu)

  2. cam says:


  3. cam says:

    toc toc…..c’è nessuno in casa?

  4. pt says:

    I’m uploading the pictures. So far I did Spain (Barcelona and Valencia) and Budapest.

    Now I have to put captions (and rotating) Romania and Bulgaria galleries.

    BTW, I’m happy :-D

  5. cam says:

    thanks being My Friend.

  6. pt says:

    In a couple of minutes I will get the bus to Sinai.

    —As if it were not obvious …—

  7. cam says:

    have a nice trip!

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