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Nov 6th 2008
Shiny lights in a clear night

Shiny lights in a clear night

The five things that I like about living in a big city in Tel Aviv—at this point I can say I’m living here, can’t I?—are:

  1. You don’t need a car
  2. I’m going from north to south of Tel Aviv with the bike kindly provided by my host, and—lucky me—this is not Haifa.

  3. There are many 24/7 shops
  4. The ending time of the party it is not an issue: you can buy your milk on your way home.

  5. There is always people around
  6. There is the sea
    1. 4½.   …and it is never really winter
  7. The astonishing sunsets that you can appreciate while having a pic-nic on the beach itself

Sunset …

Sunset …

… over Yafo

… over Yafo


Sunset …

Sunset …

… over the port

… over the port


(Photo)<sup>2</sup> of the sunset


Closing time

Closing time

Nevertheless, it is almost time to go.

During tonight’s party I’ll have to gather information to make my mind up between the Golan Heights (beautiful landscape, very green, kind of cold in this season) and the Sinai (beautiful beaches, very blue, not-too-hot in this season).

If you know me just a little bit, the choice will not be so hard. But you never know! Stay tuned.

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5 Responses

  1. Ally says:

    No doubt it is going to be Sinai and the beaches…
    however will you ever go back to the Golan Heights? probably not, therefore you could miss something there! (It is clear that after the Golan Heights you will go to the Sinai/beach in any case!).

    You seem to be spending a lot of time in Tel Aviv… tell us the true reason! Come on we know you well enough.


  2. cam says:

    but, before, do your duty in tel aviv!!!!!!!

  3. Ally says:

    now that I think about it, you could re-name your blog: AWBT (anticlockwise world beach tour)


  4. Matta says:

    No other comments about your choice: too easy to forecast …

  5. pt says:

    A big smile coming to all of you, my friends :-D

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