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Random thoughts about Valencia

Jul 2nd 2008
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  • Calatrava, wind, guiris pero no tantos.
  • I highly recommend a good nap on the trencadis benches of the Umbracle.
  • The ancient city is not so big, everything is in walking distance — if you can stand the temperature, though.
  • Laundry with free wireless — otherwise it would be impossible having the time to write a blog!
  • Wide deserted beaches, although you have to walk a bit for, it’s definitely worth it: no loud music, no fighting for a towel place, no Hay servesa-cola-aguafresca-naranha-bíir!
  • Horchata, of course! In Alboraya there’s even an Horchata Avenue :-)
  • For hours of entertainment, ask Valencians sabout the “Paella a la catalana” :-)

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