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Dead Sea vs Red Sea

Jul 3rd 2008
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Valencia, tres de la tarde

I’ve just discovered — or re-discovered — that in some southern cities the lunch-break is a bit longer than those I’m used to. Like tath you can’t do anything before 5PM — except having a beer and some tapas.

¿Qué le vamos a hacer?

Thus I just stopped by a Lebanese tapas-bar for my obligatory kebab and started a chat with the customers and the owners, and it sorted out that they were actually from Jordan (but, as they told me, “All in all it’s always middle-east!”)

I was rapidly involved into an animated discussion about which sea was the hottest: the Red Sea or the Dead Sea. It was kinda funny because 1) nobody in the room had ever stayed at both seas, and 2) they all were arguing in Spanish for my own entertainement!

I told them I was going to Jordan and Egypt too, just for measuring temperatures … They seemed happy with that!

I think this is one of the main reasons for me having such a trip: the possibility of chatting with perfect strangers just about everything.

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