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How not to get bored while you are visiting Milan

Jun 22nd 2008
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Shiny new passport

Shiny new passport

So you want to go to India, don’t you? Then you need a visa, and if you are Italian you can’t do it at the airport or at the border, you have to apply for a tourist Visa at the Indian Consulate, that is in Milan.

So you go to their web site, you write down the address and the rules, you download and fill in the form.

Very easy, so far.

Then you search a suitable couch in Milan the usual way and just go there. First thing in the morning you go to the Indian Consulate, and as you get there you notice a sign saying « Consular Services Â» and you go there.

There you find yourself at the end of a line of Indians spanning two rooms and an aisle.

During your stay in the happy line, you can entertain yourself wondering why you are the only Italian: you look around, but there are no signs, and your waiting neighbours have no idea about visa for Italians — of course: as they all are Indians they have little use for such a thing.

After an hour of this, you eventually reach the counter, and that lady explains that they don’t do visas any more, and you have to attend at another office — that’s in another part of the city, lucky you, thus giving you the opportunity of site-seeing ten metro stations.

But when you have your receipt in your pocket you feel just very happy — and very sweaty too — and you just start thinking in the next beer.

Just for the record, the new visa service is located in Via Marostica 34, metro Gambare.

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