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Barcelona, again

Jun 26th 2008

I can’t help it.

This city has a special strength that pulls me towards her.
This time I bent westwards my counter clock-wise trip to see my old friends and spend some quality time with them.

First stop: La playa

The privilege of living in a city with a beach is something that you can’t imagine until you actually try it. You have like a free hour so you just go down to the beach, take a dip, dry yourself under the sun and that’s it! It feels like heaven.

On my way back from the playa I stopped by a kebab shop, and I had to take this picture. On the same street you can see those super-modern skyscrapers and 17th-Century buildings and roads. I love this city! :-)

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5 Responses

  1. Buck! says:

    will you ever tell us the meaning of S M F G?

  2. Anonymous says:

    come ci sono arrivato qui?
    spero di riuscirci ancora.

  3. Pi says:


    Actually I was thinking about telling it on my way back, but there’s a person who already knows it. But I don’t think he/she is reading this blog, though . . .

    Anyway — just in case — I hope he/she will not tell it!

    Sorry for being so late with the posts, but you all know that I’m just a lazy guy. :-)

  4. Anonymous says:

    tell us something your new travel…we all know you love Barcelona…
    We want to know about new stuff


  5. Pi says:

    You’ll get the new stuff when I’ll have time to actually write it! :-)

    By the way, you should maybe sign as ACC (being the second C Charles) as you’re not the only AC here :-P

    Anyway, yesterday I wrote the first Budapest post (still have to put it here) and the first (of two) from Valencia. Be patient.

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