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Free beer tomorrow

May 21st 2009

Shirah's rooftop with Paul, Happy, Jan, Pieter and Cissi

So much for posting in real time, I am already a couple of weeks late. But it was cool while it lasted :-)

I went to Malacca planning to stay a couple of days, but as it often applies to me, I ended up staying a whole week—and more. It just happens, especially when I am Couchsurfing. This time I was lucky enough to find a nice guesthouse with a usable common space. And we really used it: starting from the first night, watching DVD and then chatting on the roof until 5AM :-)

IMG_7034 (Modified).JPG

Liquid diet at «Free beer tomorrow» bar with Pieter, Jan, Cissi, Steven, Happy and Paul

And after that pretty much every night we were hanging out together guests and manager: Chinese dinner, playing pool, beer, Indian dinner, playing darts, beer, take-away dinner, playing poker, beer. The base and meeting point was in the Free beer tomorrow bar, just a few steps from home—although you don’t really need a meeting point when everybody is sleeping at the same place, do you?

I stayed a week in Malacca, I went to Chinatown once during the day and once in the night (see the video for the events of that night). I went to no places of interest in the city. At all.

Still it was one of the best places of my trip: as I wrote before, people are more interesting than monuments :-)

Note: I have photos and a video to post here, but the connection is painfully slow so I will update the post when in Bali again.

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2 Responses

  1. Ally says:

    Happy to see your are still connected to the world…
    are you ready for the big ride home? reality could hit you hard!

    See you…

    • danes says:

      you know, i think i know: it´s always easy to come back. not hard at all.
      easy man, and free beer tomorrow (or whatever today and yesterday) at least with betiologrisspanbatagia&dan´sin)… at cruz of course

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