S M F G · A Counter-Clockwise Trip Around The World


Mar 18th 2009

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  1. Ally says:

    Great pictures as usual…. no comments!
    You are definetly lazy!

  2. Matta says:

    Nice pictures, but no comments, how did you spend last month?

    • pt says:

      Comments are there (I can’t help talking with Indian accent).

      Clear your browser cache.
      About last month(s), I will post an article condensing the Indian east coast, as it looks that I can’t stay up to date.

      I posted three galleries in one day to give you guys something (I feel very guilty). I’ll try to post an article tomorrow—not sure, though.

  3. Max says:

    …GO! I like what u are doing. :) Ciao Trave!

  4. dane says:

    hip hip hurrá for rasta café
    i wanna try a n. 5: MAZZA!!! plise bring it home, if you COULD DRINKS…

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