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King of the hill

Sep 28th 2010

Top of the heap! Notwithstanding the great time I had in Montréal it is time to move on to my new destination. I grab a nice eleven-hour train ticket and I find myself happily couched in the Big Apple! My host and my co-surfer picked me up from the train station, and drove me directly to the centre of a Friday night Times Square.

I swear, the change from the relaxed Québec favourite to the hyper-crowded, over-lit, frenzy metropolis was unexpected. I mean, I knew the place, having been there in the other millennium (including a trip to the top of the Twin Towers, hi Ally!), yet it got me unprepared. Anyway, it didn’t took that long to get acquainted with the city, and I managed to visit at least two of the places I’ve missed the other time: the MoMA and the Guggenheim.

Thanks to my host, we also enjoyed a trip to Coney Island and attended an amazing street-party in Brooklyn: once a year the people from the two facing blocks bring food, beverage and music to the street, so they get to know the neighbours. Just a few years ago this was unthinkable, due to the massive drug dealing plaguing the district, but eventually the citizens got their city back. On the same night—but not after a power-nap—Kev took us to an African-Jazz concert in Harlem!

So far, so good. What will happen next?

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13 Responses

  1. a-l-e says:

    ok! stop THERE!

  2. is viale luzzati in the upper east side or closed to Lex Luger in Broccolino?

    • pt says:

      Assuming the 13th Avenue as the middle line, it is therefore in the upper west side.
      Vècio! Ho una «task» per te, quando hai tempo :-)

  3. a-l-e says:

    No – unfortunately – not as soon as you can imagine…
    But I’ll be there sooner or later… or much later!!! ;-)

    …isn’t it a good place to live in? do U miss spritz? ;-)

  4. _____m(*v*)d____ says:

    i think too, stop THERE!

  5. ______m(*x*)d_______ says:


    ‘ ‘
    ‘ ‘
    ‘ ‘
    ~ ~ ~~~
    ~~~ ~~ ~
    ~~~~ ~

  6. _____m(*v*)d____ says:

    it´s a “flood of tears”

  7. L'anonima says:

    Areo…sarai mica tornato in Italia?!? Comunque, se ti serve un lavoro, qui ce n’è finchè vuoi! Ah!ah!ah! LOL..

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