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Call of the jungle

Sep 22nd 2010

On a Sunday afternoon you may yourself saying: And now for something completely different! Just in the centre of the big city you can opt for a very different experience: tam tam!

As you can see from the photos, the people attending the event vary from the 60 years old hippie to the high-school yougster, through the jazz drummer, the executive in suit and tie and his grandma.

In the same park, just a few metres into the trees, all kind of other activities are happening: medieval combats, slack-line workshops, as well as random weed-driven one-man concerts :-)

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  1. JulieK says:

    bentornato! iniziavamo a preoccuparci… :-)

  2. Il Viaggiatore Goloso decided to settler down. Ended his counter-clockwise trip around the world in a big ciry where, evere sunday, they play bongos in a Park…

    Areo mona, te bastava tol el tren fin mian e te te fermavi a Parco Sempione, verde marone, dentro la mia citaa’…

    Alla fine e’ tutta questione di prospettiva, dello squardo che appoggi sul mondo. w l’amore e w la bulgaria

    • pt says:

      Avevo sentito che il parco Sempione lo buttavano via per fare un parcheggio. Ma poi voi ce l’avete Jimi Hendrix? Eh? L’ultima volta che ci sono passato c’erano solo emuli di Skardi :)

      In Bulgaria ci sono stato un bel po’ di tempo fa: volevano darmi indietro Ramaya.

  3. Enrico says:

    Ramaya cu-cu-cu Ramaya?

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