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With a little beach for my friends

Jul 31st 2010
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After the mud experience in Tayrona we went for a little marcha en Taganga and for a night out in Barranquilla, after of course having checked out the local traditional dish that is—according to our friends—hamburger with fries!

Back to Cartagena we said goodbye to Ariadna, heading to other beautiful beaches in the Mediterrean, and we chose to avoid the overcrowded Islas del Rosario and to give a try instead to the Islas San Bernardo, facing Tolú. As you can see from the photos all went pretty good :-)

We rented a flat in Tolú, and from there we went to the islands. There, we got caught by a tropical storm (again) and we enjoyed a roller-coaster like boat trip back home. Apart of that, life was easy with my—now sadly reduced to only three units—harem: we had pasta night and aguardiente night, and lot of beach!

After a couple of days we moved to another flat in Coveñas, to be closer to the beach, and again we wanted to go at night. Well, just opposite to our house there was a place called Grill chicas lindas with loud music coming from inside. We candidly entered and asked for a beer to the girls in miniskirt and high heels who were sitting next to the entrance, but they were not waitresses. A quick check of the rest of the place made everything obvious: there were little rooms on one side of the garden, and a shelter with hammocks where several chicas lindas were waiting their turn playing cards and chatting. Also, the look of the guy at the counter left little doubt on what kind of meat was on sale on that grill …

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  1. mamma says:

    Auguri per l’anniversario e rotti! 2 anni e 1 mese oggi 24 agosto!
    Ogni commento è superfluo…!

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