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Capoeira and Bahianas

Jan 13th 2010

Goodbye to Rio, welcome to Salvador! After all that partying, my body needed to rest. What is better than a 28 hours bus trip to Salvador da Bahia? :-)

Salvador is one of those places you really can’t miss. And once there, you suddenly know why everybody is so enthusiastic about this place. Unfortunately there were no couches available, so the choice was pretty much done by the girl at the information booth in the bus station. The hostel was in the historical centre, with an India-level comfort but with a friendly and nice crew. Plus there was free wireless available! In the gallery you have the view from the hostel window at 3 pm, see the video below for the same window at 11 pm :-)

Everywhere in the streets you feel the happiness, you see the smiles of the bahianas, you hear some berimbau and you smell some street food. But, of course, this is the Pelourinho, and real life in other parts of the city is likely to be slightly different …

While waiting for a CS meeting — scheduled in Latin American time — I did my first capoeira lesson: two kids who were practising on the lawn insisted to teach me a few moves. But as you can see from the photos, the flexibility of my body is pretty much like Pinocchio’s :-(

~ • ♥ • ~

Eu não sou daqui
Marinheiro só
Eu não tenho amor
Marinheiro só
Eu sou da bahia
Marinheiro só
De são salvador
Marinheiro só
Lá vem, lá vem
Marinheiro só
Como ele vem faceiro
Marinheiro só

Todo de branco
Marinheiro só
Com o seu bonezinho
Marinheiro só

Ô, marinheiro marinheiro
Marinheiro só
Ô, quem te ensinou a nadar
Marinheiro só
Ou foi o tombo do navio
Marinheiro só
Ou foi o balanço do mar
Marinheiro só

~ • ♠ • ~

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4 Responses

  1. Flumi says:

    Bravo pierginho mio!!!!!
    quando torni jogamos un po’ insieme allora….E ricorda:
    “A capoeira é pra homem, menino e mulher / Só não aprende quem não quer.”

    tua F.

    p.s.: felice 2010

  2. Enrico says:

    il paese di CAETANO VELOSO!

  3. Manu says:

    They are CRAZY!!!!!!!

    You will need to sleep if it’s like this 24/24h!!!
    I have to feel this party fever at least once in my life!!!


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