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¡Che boludo!

Dec 23rd 2009

As some of you may already know, my next destination turned out to be Buenos Aires. I was still in Melbourne, desperately looking for a plane ticket to somewhere in South America, but facing the harsh reality of Christmas and New Years Eve rapidly approaching, thus throwing the plane tickets price over the roof. But you all know that I have a certain perseverance — or stubborness :-) — so I went on searching for almost a week. I’ve eventually found a not-too-bad flight from Auckland to Santiago de Chile via Buenos Aires (at the time I had not yet decided to go to New Zealand).

Surprisingly enough — at least for me — the same flight, same company, same everything from Auckland to Buenos Aires was 400 $ more expensive. Meaning I was paying the BA to Santiago leg −400 $! My thought was Why don’t I just sneak out in Buenos Aires?

Of course, I didn’t want to be black-listed by the flight companies of the whole world, so I prepared a nice plan: I talked the check-in girl (that incidentally had Italian ancestors) into sending my luggage to BA instead of the final destination, because I was meeting a friend at that airport, for whom I would bring a present. And being such present a New Zealand wine bottle, it was impossible to bring it with the hand luggage :-)

All went good, and in a few hours I was happily couched in the big city!

The first thing I had to deal with was the local propensity to parties: my host had already planned two parties for my first night — and I had a ten-hours jet-lag to cope with! Then the second day we went to a CS party in a hostel, the third day to the Feria gauchesca and the fourth day to a percussion concert in a club (where the smallest drink was a one-litre beer!) You will (soon) find a few of the photos in this gallery.

It is a hard job, yet somebody has to do it.

The title of this article refers to this book.

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  1. Buck! says:

    It’s so nice to go for a walk in Baires just when you don’t know what else to do!
    That’s what I always think of!

  2. gigio says:

    Uella’ Piergi
    non finisci mai di sorprendere!
    Unfortunately I haven’t seen the other video you linked me yet.
    As soon as possible, I’ll go and see what else you did in this trip.

    P.S.: ciao Buck!

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