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Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road

Nov 15th 2009

That was completely not in my plans, but eventually I decided to go to Melbourne. I know, it’s not east, but this really is a place not to be missed: vibrant life, European feeling, architecture, culture, food.

Along the coastal road between Sydney and Melbourne there are quite a few beautiful spots, like the Monkey Rocks National Park. And was just in one of those spots that the car dropped the muffler. And, as always happens, it was Saturday noon. We decided to just go on until the city, with ear-plugs and avoiding the hate-looks of the people :-)

In the city, the nice part was finding a parking not expensive (in the CBD the parking fees are around 30$ per hour) where to leave the car while visiting Melbourne. After a few hours doing circles of increasing diameter we found a spot with broken parking meters: everybody had a note on the windscreen for the police saying Broken ticket machine or the like. We put our note and happily trotted to the backpacker’s :-) — As a side note, the reception at said backpacker’s was operated by the reincarnation of Mitch Mitchell!

On Monday, I drove to a garage, and asked the guy to weld the exhaust tube (wishful thinking). Obviously it was not possible — the rust having already eaten most of the muffler — so we agreed for a new muffler. That would have required a couple of days, and I was more than happy to let the car there, seen that the ticket machines were now in working order at the other place!

After the not-at-all-cheap repair, and with the arrival of the new friend from Luxembourg, we left towards the Great Ocean Road. This part of Australia is absolutely beautiful, and completely different from what I saw until now. The sad part is that for most of the time the weather was rainy and windy, and I ended up with a cold!

At the return in Melbourne, I booked the ticket for my next destination :-)

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  1. Ally says:

    Good, to see you writing again…
    A question, who is “we” in the post? can you please clarify?

  2. gama says:

    weee, seguo le tue avventure
    come va nella terra di hobbit?


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