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Aussie food

Oct 23rd 2009

It has been a few since my last real post, but I am now happily couched in Brisbane, with a nice internet connection available :-)

Today I’ll guide you through the marvels of the Aussie food — starting from this first photo :-) (that is half a joke: you can actually buy roadkill pretty much everywhere).

On my first couch I met the incredible Olive Oil Spray, then after that it was a non-stop. My favourite are the Italian Herbs tube and the 490 g spaghetti!

As a side note I would like to add the fact that the rules of high-level marketing are still unclear to me. I knew that was convenient to manufacture some products in low-cost-labour countries (notably China and South-East Asia) but here they make name-branded instant coffee and marmalade in Germany in Denmark!

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3 Responses

  1. Ally says:

    Hi Pi,

    good to see an old style post after the great video…
    Austraila is not alone with crazy food habits.
    The tipical “INCA COLA” bottle in Peru’ is 237ml. Plus the national dish is Guinea Pig.
    By the way, INCA COLA is yellow not the usual coke colour and the Guinea pig tastes of… well you don’t want to know.
    The dark season is now on its way here in the north… so enjoy the daylight and the sun down there!

    Take care

    Ally & Co.

  2. L'Anonima says:

    Esigo avere un “Ciack 54”, due “Canostra”, e, dato che ci sono, pure uno “del giorno”…
    ..du iu rimember?!? :-)

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