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Jan 25th 2009

That’s Kerala! A few tens of hours of train and I was in Fort Cochin, some sort of a small Jewish-Portuguese-Dutch-British city.

Here I have experienced my first coconut water directly from the fruit and a few more local delicacies. But basically I was tasting the pleasure of walking in a city that is mostly pedestrian—no Horn Please stickers—as opposed to almost all of the other places I visited so far. Including Goa beaches, where auto-rickshaw and motorbikes rule the streets.

Then it cometh my first ayurvedic massage (actually my first massage ever). In the same day I had a Thai-Chi lesson, a Korean massage and the Ayurvedic thing. Not bad for a rookie!

The rest of the week was in Ernakulam, the city grown from Fort Cochin, where the local CS community meets almost daily in a café in the city centre. Among innumerable cups of coffee I somehow managed to go three times to the same masala dosa place :-)

My host (check gallery) drove me to a small village on the backwaters. After a few minutes almost all of the locals popped out to check the new people in town! :-)

Thiruvananthapuram was the second stop. After the first host had a situation finding himself in the middle of a gang fight, we shifted to Kovalam. As you can see from the photos, that was not at all a bad choice :-)

In Trivandrum I visited an experimental village where another CSer is building and testing bamboo houses environment-friendly (i.e. using less iron or plastic as possible). As a side-effect I got my share of coconut water from a bamboo-straw made on the spot :-)

Then with the CS-crew of Trivandrum we moved to Kanniyakumari, the southernmost point of India, but this will be on the next post!

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  1. Ally says:

    Again, thank you for the short holiday!

    Days are becoming longer up here. Light really gives you a lot of energy; maybe for this reason Helena has now started walking!!! She is not even one. A proud Papi, Papi

    • pt says:

      Mazal tov! Congratulations—and send pictures :-)

      Be strong and wait: during the summer I will be thinking of you up there with the daylight stretching catlike and squeezing the night!

      That is something I want to see. Let’s see if I can pay you a quick visit after The Wedding.

  2. Enrico says:

    “Coconut water from the source”

    grande la maglietta in questa foto!!

    devo farla vedere alla mamma, ah ah ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S.: non si possono più commentare le foto?

    • pt says:

      Ho fatto la foto apposta :-)
      Per quanto riguarda le foto, ho fatto una modifica adesso.

      Si possono commentare le gallerie, ma il commento appare nella galleria generale (i.e. India, Greece) e in tutte le sotto-gallerie. Questo perché le sotto-gallerie sono generate automaticamente, e non hanno una pagina propria.

      Adesso vedo se e’ possibile piazzare ogni galleria nella propria pagina (ma se non e’ automatico te lo scordi :-)

      È possibile commentare le pagine. Ogni galleria ha (avrà) la sua propria pagina.

  3. buck! says:

    Very nice photos!
    And very charming places.
    I figured I could have seen some images of the gang fight, but never mind, I can live with that!

  4. Società anonima di ingegneria says:

    Dove sei finito, viaggiatore?!??
    Deciditi a scrivere più spesso sul blog invece di passare da una festa all’altra, che qui si è curiosi!

    Buon viaggio..

  5. a-l-e says:

    …in certe foto (ad es. Hampi) sembra quasi che ve la ridiate pensando a noi poveri (scemi) che ce ne stiamo in italia (in ufficio) a lavurà… eheheh GRANDIOSI!!!!!:-)))

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