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Mail from a washroom in Delhi

Dec 8th 2008
December, 6th

Delhi belly allegory

Delhi belly allegory

«I heard about a beautiful other possibility for my visa: having a travel agency doing it for me: they call it speed money because you pay somebody for make things faster (and be in the queue on your behalf).»

December, 7th

Suspect #1

Suspect #1

«But I didn’t take into account the infamous «Delhi Belly»! After a night without sleeping, I took a couple of lid-pills for stopping the thing (I was in bad need of a sleep, and it was already 8AM) and I took another one a minute ago. I brought medicines, but somehow I was hoping not to use them—I’m a delusional person!»

December, 7th—Evening

Suspect #2

Suspect #2

«I received today a positive answer from the first CSer in Kathmandu I wrote to yesterday! But my status is not suitable for moving (every half an hour I pay a visit to the toilet), so I wrote him that it will be not possible. Isn’t it ironic? I had no positive answers from Delhi, but the guy in Kathmandu (where I am not going) answered in no time!

«Tomorrow I’ll try to contact a travel agency (possibly an important one, I don’t want them to be tampering with my passport) and see if the speed money formula will work.»

December, 8th

Suspect #3

Suspect #3

«After calling around ten different travel agencies, I went to check personally in another one they told me by phone, and eventually it seems that it is not possible for a foreigner to have the visa done via agency (in fact you need to leave the country, and if you send the passport there will be no exit stamp on it). All of the visa agencies are for Indian residents asking for abroad visas (although people here are still telling me that it is possible, but I couldn’t find a way, nor they did. I eventually gave up).

Suspect #4

Suspect #4

I went home sick and tired and I booked a flight to Kathmandu.

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6 Responses

  1. Ally says:

    I remember about a collegue visiting India for busines reasons and basically spending his 4 day stay in the Toilet! Once everything was over it was time to go back!


  2. vnfevf says:

    suspect #2 … definitely comes straight up/down from the sewage system, but if you painted the “dark side of the moon”, suspect # 4, i’ll have serious suspicions for a combination with that.
    go for a beer!

  3. buck! says:

    Don’t worry. Your stomach will soon get used to the food. Then your skin will begin to turn brown and you’ll speak with a curled tongue! ;-)

  4. pt says:

    And I will say: Hi! Which Country? What’s your good name? :-P

  5. mamma says:

    The suspect#2 è, secondo me, l’indagato numero 1. Già da come si presenta non promette niente di buono.
    Io in India farei la fame.

  6. Ally says:

    Did you really eat suspect nr 2?

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