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Treviso, close to Venice

Jul 26th 2008

After the first two nights in Budapest I had to change host. After a while that I was moving my casetta all around Budapest, I decided to just stop, have a beer, and — with a bit of luck — connect to some wireless connection waiting for my host to come home.

So, once arrived in my new host area, I chose a nice-looking bar. I asked the bartender about a wireless connection and she pointed me to the bar on the other side of the street. But, having been the bartender so nice to me, I just moved on the seat that were closer to that other bar, opened my laptop and checked the signal: it was fairly good.

After a while the other bartender noticed my computer, and smiled telling me that he has one too. We started the usual chat — where are you from, this is your first time in Budapest, how long you’ll stay here, and so on — but when I was going with my good old « Treviso … — three seconds pause, just in case — … close to Venice » he smiled and said: « Ah, Treviso, I’ve been there! »

I almost fell off the chair, and asked more about it. It sorted out that fifteen years ago he and his wife used to go to Treviso to buy leather jackets, that in Hungary were too expensive!

When you travel alone you get more chances of knowing interesting people. The chances of getting bored to deeath are also high, but let’s look at the silver lining :-)

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  1. Ale says:

    …sometimes up here people don’t even know where Venice is!
    The reason? there is no direct flight and it is not considered a Holiday destination as good as Spain and Turkey or Dubai!

  2. AndyCamBzzz says:

    treviso: …yesterday i was waiting to cross the zebra crossing with my little Rocco into my sling.
    when i timidly tried do a step forward to cross the street the car arriving went faster to pass before me…that’s IT…

  3. Buck! says:

    even in italy someone doesn’t know where treviso is!

  4. Pi says:

    All I can say is don’t even think of crossing the street in Bucharest! :-)

  5. Buck! says:

    in case someone didn’t see it:

    another (sad) way to cross the street.

    just to remind ourselves how lucky we are to stay alive.

  6. Ale says:

    Which means that you are in Bucharest…. never been there, how is it? I bet you find difficulties in finding a wireless bar!

  7. Pi says:

    ally it means I was there (for just one night): it kinda not suited me, for so to speak . . .

    The wireless was indeed a PITA, it is way better here in Bulgaria.

    About my present location here you have a map that I try to keep more or less up-to-date:


    Ciao ciao,

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