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Just a starting point

Apr 30th 2008

I’m writing these lines in the plane to Madrid, going to attend the CS/HC First Madrid International Camp ’08. Today is—for so to speak—the first day in this new phase of my life: yesterday I notified my boss about my decision to just quit and go somewhere else. And it was a relief. Really.

I’m now entering

— Step one —

the list

If you’re planning a year-long trip around the world, it is probably a good idea to sit for moment and try figuring out what you need for your trip—and what you don’t. I’m going to fill two lists: one for the stuff that I’ll need during the trip, and one for writing down stuff that I’ll be tempted to bring over, but probably can avoid.

— Step one —

the list
the lists

O.K. I need a third list: the to-do list, for things like passport and such. I’ll call this one the Count-Down List.

This is what I have in it so far:

  1. Sandals
  2. Bank
  3. Insurance

    • Car (stop)
    • Health (start)
  4. Passport

    • Foto (with and without beard)
    • Visas
  5. Backpack
  6. Laptop (?)
  7. Blood exams
  8. Vaccinations
  9. Travel plan (at least a rough one)

Phew! I feel like this is only the tip of the iceberg, but I’ll try to fill this one, first.

Any idea about stuff I should definitely do before leaving will be very appreciated.

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    It’s all very very exciting..good luck my friend! As I understood you are planning to go to India..Will you take a plane or hitch hike or train? I advise you check Air Arabia’s flights if you haven’t done so yet. They have reasonable flights to Asia as far as I learned from other world tourers..Good luck! Ciao Oya

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