S M F G · A Counter-Clockwise Trip Around The World


Mar 18th 2009

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  1. dane says:

    great picture, great architecture, i´m refering to “The Matrimandir in Auroville”. Are you sure is not a 3D commercial spot for a golf course? love it? i want one for myself in treviso… real dimension ofcourse
    ciao vecio

    • pt says:

      That’s the product of a megalomaniac woman (french). About architecture, I’m collecting a few pearls just for you guys. But it looks as I am WAY too lazy to post it, so just be patient :-)

      But you, as an expert of piste ciclabili, can enjoy the lorry-in-the-gutter in Bangalore. I really hope we put enough steel in those passi carrabili . . . I don’t want to end up in someone else’s blog! LOL!

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